Is my dryer worth fixing?

The really, really short answer is “yes”
Unless it’s having a problem with the electronics and the parts are very expensive, or it’s very, very, very old, it’s almost always worth it to fix a dryer.

You should repair your dryer if it takes too long to dry.
This is really common. Clothes dryers don’t get “tired” or “old” they just get clogged with lint.  I can stop by, completely disassemble your dryer, clean out all the lint, vacuum out the duct-work, put everything back together and it will dry as good as the day you bought it.

You should repair your dryer if you hear a grinding noise.
Dryers are famous for collecting coins, screws and things that fall out of pockets. These are easily removed and any damage they’ve caused is usually easily fixable.

You should repair your dryer if you hear a thumping noise.
Many times the rollers that support the drum become worn or damaged, or the pulley that maintains tension on the belt wears out. Replacing worn or damaged belts and rollers is always a good investment, since they’re relatively inexpensive and last a long time.

You should fix it if it does nothing.
Dryers are designed to stop if any of a number of things happen that could be annoying or unsafe, so if your dryer appears to be completely non-functional, it probably has a tripped safety thermostat or switch.

You should fix it if it doesn’t get hot
Whether it’s gas or electric, the parts that do the heating are “wear items”. Electric dryers have heating coils that eventually wear out, and gas dryers have ignitors that wear out. This is normal and expected and repairs are very reliable and much less expensive than replacing the machine. Replacing a dryer becase it doesn’t get hot would be like replacing a lamp because the bulb burned out.
All the above items are fixable. Just give me a call.

You should probably replace your dryer if it has electronic controls and the display is acting weird.
A new dryer runs around $600 and the a new board plus labor could easily run more than half of that.

Energy Efficiency
Here’s something you never expected. “Energy efficiency doesn’t matter for a dryer”.

The only way newer dryers can use less energy is by stopping before your clothes are dry.

Every therm of gas burns the same in a new dryer as an old one. Every watt your dryer uses gets converted into 3.412 BTUs of heat whether your dryer is 1 year old or 20 years old.

It always has and always will. Anything else would violate several laws of physics.

There is almost nothing to be saved in energy efficiency by replacing instead of repairing.