Is my washing machine worth fixing?

LG Front Load Washer

If you checked your owner’s manual and/or Googled your problem and it’s not something simple like “clean the lint filter”, the answer is

“Probably not”

Newer washing machines contain

  • Microcomputers
  • Valves,
  • Motors
  • One pump, maybe two
  • Multiple sensors
  • Tub, bearings and other hard-to-replace mechanical components.

And they’re all expensive, and all require disassembly, which for a new washer, is generally quite involved.

This means that almost no matter what’s wrong with your washer, it’s going to cost you a service call plus 30 minutes or more of labor, plus the part.

If it needs a new pump, the cost will usually be $275 – $300. If it needs a board, it could easily be over $400, while an entire new washing machine can be purchased for $400-$600.