Microwave Oven Leak Check, Inspection and Service

Is your microwave oven leaking?

Large leaks are not common but do happen, and it’s not possible to know if/how much microwave energy your oven is leaking without having it tested.

Exposure to high levels of microwave radiation can cause burns and cataracts and can effect some pacemakers. There are also claims of other medical problems.

If you would just like to have your microwave checked to make sure it is within FDA limits, all you have to do is call (315)514-0360 during business hours or click here to setup an appointment.

I’ll come to your home or business, perform a Microwave Leak Survey, Door Interlock Test, and Power Output Test using calibrated, professional equipment, give you a printed copy of the results, and if you have excessive leakage, I can fix it.

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