Appliance Repair Process

Refrigerator Parts Terry’s Appliance Service does something that very few other companies do:

We make sure that the problem is actually fixed correctly.

The first time.

I’m Terry. My repairs follow an actual documented process.

  • Evaluate the problem using actual, calibrated test equipment and the appliance manufacturer’s diagnostic procedures and service information.
  • Perform the repair indicated by the manufacturer to fix the problem
  • Test the appliance after repair to verify that the diagnosed problem was actually repaired

Most technicians don’t have time for this. I do. I own Terry’s Appliance Service and I make sure there is enough time to do the job right the first time.

If you have a refrigerator, dryer, stove or other appliance that can use some help, we’ll come out, diagnose the problem, give you a firm estimate for repairs, and if you want to have it fixed, will do the repairs for the quoted price, and guarantee the results.