Sealed System Service for Refrigerators.

Compressor and filter/drierTerry’s Appliance Service is proud to offer extremely high quality sealed R134a and R600a system service for refrigerators and freezers in Syracuse NY and Central NY.

If you have a

  • A bad compressor
  • A leak
  • A sealed system problem of any kind

or your refrigerator “just isn’t getting cold enough” we can fix it.


  • Maintain dedicated, separate equipment for R134a and R600 refrigerators and freezers, to avoid cross-contamination, which will cause early failure.
  • Locate and repair any detected leaks
  • Replace the filter/drier
  • Update the firmware on the control board (needed for LG and some GE refrigerators)
  • Replace any damaged components.
  • Evacuate the system to less than 400 microns of vacuum
  • Verify that there are no hidden leaks
  • Recharge with the exact charge specified by the manufacturer

Vulkan Lokring Connector Cutaway ViewWe use the Vulkan Lokring system, not a torch. This means that there will be no risk of fire in your kitchen and no falling blobs of molten metal to accidentally damage your floor. While it produces a better repair on older systems, it’s absolutely essential for the new R600a refrigerators.

Terry’s Appliance Service is pleased to offer a well done, solid, professional repair, using the best possible parts and service methods and we take the necessary time and care to do the job right.

Please note that we only do COD service. We do not work with any manufacturer’s warranty, 3rd party warranty or service contracts.