Why are there appliances we don’t service?

The very short answer is:

“We only service appliances where we have knowledge, parts and service information and the products can be reliably repaired.”

The longer answer is:

  • Some manufacturers have poor parts availability and/or poor or missing documentation.
  • Some products from some manufacturers have design and engineering problems that can not be reliably fixed in the home, regardless of parts or information availability.
  • Some products just aren’t worth repairing because the cost of parts and labor would exceed a reasonable level.
  • Some manufacturers only supply service tools to their own service technicians.

You can be certain that if we work on your appliance, you’ll get a good, solid repair and a 90 day guarantee on labor and at least a 90 day parts warranty.

Conversely, if you have an appliance where we don’t believe we can do a good , solid repair, we’ll tell you, cancel the service call and charge you nothing.