Microwave Oven


  • Some of buttons on the control panel are cracked or broken or don't work. Is it worth repairing?

    • If this was an expensive microwave oven, and the parts are available, I'd say “yes!”.
    • If it was less than $200, you would be better off to just replace it.

  • The door doesn't close right and I have to wiggle it or push on it to make the oven work. Should I have it fixed?
    Yes! This is usually caused by loose latch or hinge hardware, and is easily fixed. Just give me a call and I can take care of it.

  • My microwave is dead. Is it worth repairing?
    That depends on exactly what's wrong, and the parts cost. If you can find the model number and give us a call, we can give you an idea of the repair cost might be.

  • Is it normal to feel hot air coming out of the microwave oven while in use?
    Yes. There is a fan inside the microwave to keep the parts cool. It's normal for warm air to blow out through a vent.

  • How dangerous is a crack in a microwave?
    It's very dangerous. Cracks or holes can cause sparking or fire or microwave leakage. Stop using the oven and call for service.
Still not sure what to do?

Give me a call at (315)308-1006 and I'll be happy to discuss it with you at no charge!