DIY boot-spring tool for front-load washers.

Terry Carmen's DIY $4 Boot Spring Tool
So, did you get the boot-spring off your front load washer boot, fix the washer, and now you discovered that putting it back on wasn’t nearly as easy as the video made it look?

And it’s taken hours, and your hands hurt, and it’s still not on quite right?

Have no fear! Here’s a $4 DIY tool to the rescue:

If you get a ratcheting bar clamp like this, you can disassemble it and flip both the end pieces around so that it no longer ratchets closed, but open.

Then you just need a couple of short pieces of nylon cord. Loop one through each end of the spring, and then place each cord on one end of the bar clamp.

Squeeze the handle until the spring has expanded just enough to let you install the clamp, put the band back on the boot exactly where you want it, and release the clamp.