Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Freezer Repair


  • Is my freezer worth fixing if I see frost?

    The automatic defrost isn't working, which is almost always repairable for much less than the cost of a new freezer.

  • Is my freezer worth fixing if it smells hot or runs a lot?

    It probably needs a good cleaning, and might need a new condenser fan motor, but this is always worth repairing.

  • Is my freezer worth fixing if it clicks on and off?

    It might need a new compressor, which is usually not worth doing, or it might need a new compressor start relay, which always is worth doing. Give us a call and we can give you a better idea before you schedule an appointment.

  • Is my freezer worth fixing it's running, but not getting cold?

    If it's a frost-free model, it might just be an easily reparable defrost problem. If it's not frost free, it has a sealed system problem and repairing it would cost more than replacing it.

  • Is my freezer worth fixing if it's more than 25 years old?

    Energy efficiency has increased so fantastically between the 1980's and now, that you'll get your money back in energy savings in just a couple of years.

    A new freezer can easily use 25% of the energy of a very old one.

    Not 25% less, but 25%. That's 75% savings. Replace it! You'll save money and help the environment all at the same time.
Still not sure what to do?

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