Which gas cook-top should I buy?

Bertazzoni 30" Gas Cook-top
Bertazzoni 30″ Gas Cook-top

Since I don’t like click-bait, I’m going to tell you right up front: “Buy a Bertazzoni”.

I don’t sell appliances and get nothing if you buy one. In fact I paid retail.

My old cook-top was only a few years old and worked as good as new, which is to say “very nicely as long as it wasn’t tying to kill me”

Over the years, I’ve had problems with my old cooktop pouring potentially explosive natural gas into my kitchen:

  • Sometimes I’d have a burner on simmer and a breeze would blow out the flame, leaving the gas still on.
  • More than once I was cooking a pot of pasta, and it boiled over and the water put out the flame, leaving me with a wide open gas burner dumping raw gas into the house.
  • Sometimes someone would walk by, brush against the knobs and turn on the gas without noticing it.

Finally I decided to do something and went looking for a safer cook-top.

I found that a lot of them light the gas and assume “everything is OK”, which clearly isn’t always the case, so I kept looking.

When you get into a little better class of appliances you’ll find that they have “auto re-ignition” which is supposed to re-light the burner when the flame goes out, but it turns out this doesn’t always work when you’ve had a boil-over and the spark electrode is all wet.

So I started looking at even better cook-tops and found Bertazzoni.

Bertazzoni uses astonishingly reliable technology that has been used in gas water heaters since at least the 1950’s: “a thermocouple”.

Heat from the flame creates electricity, which energizes a magnet and keeps the gas valve open.

When the flame blows out,

  • There is no more heat
  • Which means “no more electricity”
  • Which means the gas valve closes.

It is astonishingly simple, reliable technology which uses no electronics and does not rely on household power being available, which means you can still light it with a match or lighter and use it during a power failure.