General Terms and Conditions

We guarantee all labor for 90 days.

This refers to the labor needed to diagnose the problem and perform the repair. It does not apply to any other problems that may occur later.

Parts are guaranteed by the manufacturer. This is typically 90 days or more, although it sometimes varies.


For example, if your freezer is too warm, and Terry’s Appliance Service replaces a defective defrost timer:

  • If the defrost timer stops working within 90 days, we will come out and replace it without charging any parts, labor or trip charge.
  • If the defrost heater (which is a completely different part) fails within 90 days, and you want it repaired, that would be billable.

While we make every effort to be on time for each appointment, there may be times when this is not possible due to weather or road conditions or vehicle problems.