Viking Cooktop Repair

You have an awesome cooktop and it deserves awesome service! Terry’s Appliance Service would be pleased to make it work like new again! If your Viking Cooktop is having problems like:

  • One or more burners not lighting or have big yellow flames
  • Clicking noise even when the burners are lit
  • Knobs are hard to turn
  • Leaving soot on your cookware
  • Burner won’t simmer
  • Pots and pans not sitting level

We can fix it! Even better, we can fix it on your schedule and offer appointments for the specific day and time that you choose. No need to wait home all day for a technician. While most people know that Viking has very high output burners, a lot of people don’t know that “low” can be adjusted to keep a pot at a bare simmer. We can adjust your burners so you can easily sear a steak in a cast iron pan and poach eggs in barely simmering water Not broken? Want a tune-up? Terry’s Appliance Service can make your Viking cooktop work better than new, by making sure that all the flames are correct, it’s level and the simmer setting is “just right” on all the burners, and have it ready for anything you want to cook! All you have to do is setup an appointment.